Playlist Sendung vom 5. September 2016

“Musik aus der Ramsch – Box” – “Diskont Cds zum Superpreis” als wertvolles Freeflow Mixtape vom Szenebeobachter

Interpret: Stevie Ray Vaughan
Album: “Texas Flood”
Song:” detto”                                                                                                             

Interpret: George Benson
Album: “Bad Benson”
Song: ”My Latin Brother”
anno 1974

Interpret: The Doobie Brothers
Album: “What were once vinces now habits”
Song: ”Black Water”
anno 1974

Interpret: The Cure
Album: “Pornography”
Song: ”The Figurehead”
anno 1990

Interpret: Lee “Scratch” Perry
Album: “Dubsyndicate”
Song: ”Jungle”
anno 2001

Interpret: U 2
Album: “Best of 1980 – 1990”
Song: ”I still haven’t found what I am looking for”
anno 1987

Interpret: Pearl Jam
Album: “Ten”
Song: ”Alive”
anno 1992

Interpret: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Album: “Blood, Sugar, Sex……
Song: ”Funky Monks”
anno 1991

Interpret: Jim Buckley
Album: “Greetings from L.A.”
Song: ”Devil Eyes”
anno 1972

Interpret: Deodato
Album: “Deodato 2”
Song: ” Rhapsody in Blue”
anno 1973

Interpret: B.B. King & Eric Clapton
Album: “Riding with the King”
Song: ”Help the Poor”
anno 2000

Interpret: Jackson Browne
Album: “Running on Empty”
Song: ”The Load out”
anno 1977

Interpret: Moloko
Album: “Things to make and do”
Song: ”It’s nothing”
anno 2000

Interpret: James Taylor
Album: “Greatest Hits”
Song: ”Steamroller”
anno 1976

Interpret: Faith no more”
Album: “Live at the Brixton Academy”
Song: ”The Cowboy Song”
anno 1990

Interpret: Billy Joel
Album: “Piano Man”
Song: ”Captain Jack”
anno 1973

Interpret: Firewater
Album: “Psychpharmacology”
Song:” Fell of the Face of the Earth”
anno 2001

Interpret: Talking Heads
Album: “Stop making sense”
Song: ”Take me to the river”
anno 1984

Interpret: Stereo Mcs
EP: “ Deep, down and Dirty”
Song:” detto”
anno 2001

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