Playlist Sendung vom 5. Juni 2018 – Preview Montreux Jazz Festival 2018 – Teil 1

Einblicke in ein großes europäisches Musikfestival

Interpret: John Cale
Album: “Acetate”
Song: “In a flood”
anno 2004

Interpret:  John Cale und Brian Eno
Album: “Wrong way up”
Song: “Spinning away”
anno 1990

Interpret: Brian Eno with jon Hopkins
Album: “Small craft on a Milk Sea”
Songs: “Emerald and Lime” und “Complex Heaven”
anno 2011

Interpret: Zucchero
Album: “Zu and co“
Song: “Diavolo in me“ – mit Solomon Burke
anno 2004

Interpret: Zucchero
Album: “Blue”
Song: “Blue”
anno 1998

Interpret: Brad Mehldau
Album: “Blues and Ballads”
Song: “And I love Her”
anno 2016

Interpret: Moses Sumney
Album: “Mid City Island”
Song: “Mumbin”
anno 2014

Interpret:  Moses Sumney
Album: “Aromanticism”
Song: “Quarrel”
anno 2017

Interpret: Etienne Daho
Album: “Blitz“
Song: “Les Filles du Canyon“
anno 2017

Interpret: Young Fathers
Album: “Dead”
Song: “Am I not Your Baby”
anno 2014

Interpret: Young Fathers
Album: “Cocoa Sugar”
Song: “Toy”
anno 2018

Free Flow Sektor – Grooves and Vibes from Montreux Groove Stars: Jon Hopkins und Nils Frahm

Interpret: Nils Frahm
Album: “All Melody“
Song: “All Melody“
anno 2018

Interpret: Jon Hopkins
Album: “Singularity”
Song: “Emerald Rush”
anno 2018

Interpret: Zucchero
Album: “ZU”
Song: “Senza una donna” – mit Paul Young
anno 2004

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